7 Deuce Hold Em Tables On The Cereus Poker Network

When you play online poker, you quickly learn that one pair of pocket cards is widely to be considered to be outright poisonous: 7-Deuce.   Two poker rooms on the CEREUS poker network have decided to change that with new tables that offer “the 7-deuce prop bet” at select cash games, matching the action seen in home games and some of the biggest cash games around the world.

7-deuce is considered a bad hand for basic mathematic reasons.  There are very few good options when you are handed these cards.  There’s no chance of a straight draw, and even if you wind up with a pair of 7s or a pair of 2s, you’re still really unlikely to have the best hand.  The odds of getting a good flop that could bump you up to a full house are rare, because you’d need to see 7-7-2 on the flop to even think about playing the hand.

That’s why it’s become the rallying cry for a certain sort of poker player who’s looking to spice up an internet poker game.  How does the 7-Deuce prop bet work?  Players contribute to an additional side prop with each hand. The next player at the table to win a hand of online poker holding 7-2 as their hole cards wins the side pot. You can win by either by bluffing or by showing down the best hand, just so long as your hole cards are 7-2.

“The 7-2 side pot adds an adrenaline-pumping element to hold’em that you need to experience to believe,” said Phil Hellmuth, one of UltimateBet’s pros and a cardroom consultant for CEREUS. “I once bluffed Mike Matusow off of two kings with 7-2 as my holecards. Everyone at the table was floored, but I was on top of the world after collecting $500 a man for pulling it off with the worst hand in poker.”

7-deuce prop bets join the bad beat jackpots that have become increasingly popular on CEREUS poker network sites over the past few years.  To celebrate the launch of the poker tables, UltimateBet hosted a special leaderboard that upped the stakes even more: players could qualify for a $5,000 Leaderboard Freeroll simply by being one of the top 100 cumulative points earners in either the Low Stakes or High Stakes categories, giving them the chance to win even more money at the tables without even trying. With improvements like this to internet poker software, online poker has never been more exciting or rewarding.